WhatsApp Groups

There are 2 main groups operated within the DCF Community.  Both are governed by the Guidelines of Proper Use.

There are also Specialised Groups WhatsApp Groups that are created on demand.

Dawncliffe Info

This group is aimed at providing neighbourhood related information and updates to the community as a whole. 

Please note that it is not a security only group.

  • Feel free to post information or queries that might be of interest or concern as it relates to the community and neighbourhood
  • Use it as a once-off platform to advertise new businesses within the area
  • Post updates on notices or requests where you might have enlisted help from the community (eg: Lost dog has been found)
  • Advertise or sell products  or services regularly or repeatedly
  • Use it as a platform to raise security or personal complaints

Dawncliffe Social

This group is a more relaxed social group to chat about items not necessarily related to the community but that might be of interest as a whole.

  • While less restricted, please remember the guidelines around respecting the group community and what is acceptable for sharing
  • Feel free to post humerous jokes, memes etc.
  • Feel free to advertise business promotions and specials that are happening within the area
  • Use it as a platform to spread unverified information.
  • Spam the group with any message. Business promotions are welcomed, but need to be limited to 1 repeat post per week.

Specialised Groups

There will be, on occassion, additional specialised groups setup to focus on an event, area of development or dedicated special interest within the community. Currently there is 1 : DCF – Park Development.

DCF - Park Development

This group is focussed on the park development in an around  Carlton, Chiral and Portman.


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